About Us

Welcome to  Market "W" 
Market "W" International is a privately held American multi-level marketing organization that manufactures and distributes
personal care products, nutritional supplements, and household cleaning products and has a presence in more than 18 countries.


How much more do you want to earn per month? You can make it happen with Market "W".
You get paid for shopping. When you and your friends shop at your local store, you don’t get any of that money back,
but when you shop through Market "W", the money flows back to you.
For more information on how Market "W" works, please visit one of our respective.

Orlando: 1-414-460-3973
Sarasota: 1-608-280-1492
Chicago: 1-214-448-5577
Milwaukee: 1-414-460-3973
New York: 1-917-613-2266 

       Market "W"
408 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60611